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The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life … Proverbs 11: 30
The Little Tree

When I was just a little tree,
No-one seemed to notice me,
Cyclists, walkers passed me by,
I often stood and wondered why,
They’d point to the Cypress over there,
Or at the Elm, they’d stop and stare,
When nobody turned in my direction,
I often felt a deep rejection,
I’ve lived through storms, strong winds and rain,
And stood the tests of cold and pain,
As years rolled on – the seasons passed,
And then one Spring it came, at last,
Planted firmly I grew big,
Bearing fruits in the form of Fig,
So now I hear the people say,
When they choose to look my way:
“This tree survived to tell the story,
Of God’s creation – for his Glory”,
And all I’ve suffered along the way,
Was worth the joy I feel today.
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The Little Tree

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