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… be content with what you have … Hebrews 13: 5
The Jeans Hunt
Betty was desperate to fit her jeans,
In the way she used to do,
Realising her difficult challenge,
After trying on more than a few.
Low rise, boot leg, light blue, dark,
But nothing seemed to look right,
She even went to the next size up,
But they still felt awkward and tight.
She thought she had found a decent pair,
But the waist looked a trifle strange,
Betty swiftly put them back on the peg,
Having picked up the maternity range.
After trying a specialist jeans shop,
She stopped for a coffee to pause,
Thinking whether to continue her search,
Which was becoming a bit of a ‘naus’.
Just about to sack the jean hunt,
She called in at a shop – second hand,
Spotted some jeans she’d worn years ago,
Now a discontinued brand.
Dressed comfortable and sexy,
She laughed the loudest ‘roar’,
When noticing the stitching on the hem,
Were the jeans she’d owned before.
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The Jeans Hunt

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