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Train up a child in the way he should go … Proverbs 22: 6
Let Them Be
Love them just the way they are,
for their own special way.
Let them wear the shoes they like,
and not the ones you say.
Let them climb but stand behind,
to catch them when they fall.
Let them run and jump from trees,
they’re learning after all.
Let them express their point of view;
don’t make demands too high.
Keep criticism locked away,
if they fail – at least they tried.
Gently guide them through their journey,
but don’t obstruct their path.
Careful not to dampen spirit,
encourage them to laugh.
When they’re ready to leave the nest,
stand back and let them fly.
Keep your tears behind your smile,
when saying your goodbyes.
Let them go to make their way,
in a world you brought them to.
Stand behind as they wander off,
from the old into the new.
Love them for just what you see,
love them, let them be.
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Let Them Be

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