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Fear not, for I am with you … Isaiah 41: 10
Betty’s Toothache

  Betty had raging toothache,
Through losing a molar filling,
But in contrast to the chirpy receptionist,
Betty felt reticent and unwilling.
She sat with a book in the waiting room,
Perturbed by the sound of the drill,
Trying to overcome the sensation,
Of feeling anxious, uneasy and ill.
Her tummy turned like cartwheels,
Whilst her mind tried to meditate,
The time being now half past three,
And the dentist was running late.
Should she make a new appointment,
And return another time,
But her throbbing tooth was warning her,
That everything wasn’t fine.
The dentist scraped, pushed and probed,
Smoothing the amalgam for an even bite,
Commenting how Betty had kept her teeth,
So healthy, strong and white.
Betty was pleased with the outcome,
Having to suffer no more pain,
After a positive dental experience,
Betty would never feel anxious again.
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Betty's Toothache

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