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But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. Matthew 24: 13

    Betty’s Tablet

  Betty felt disadvantaged,
Deprived of IT education,
Hence the tablet for her birthday,
Brought with it a touch of frustration.
She’d conquered sending an E-mail,
Googling ‘I Tunes’ for her music,
But for trickier bits and pieces,
She wasn’t sure how to use it.
Hitherto she’d kept photos in albums,
Prior to the internet hype,
Used a regular phone to make calls,
Before her introduction to ‘Skype’.
But with Betty’s increasing knowledge,
She grew fond of her electronic device,
Becoming more literate slowly but surely,
Receiving gratefully all help and advice.
Though she criticised herself quite harshly,
Whilst one day trying to brave it,
Working studiously on a new document,
And then forgetting to save it.
Betty poured herself a drink,
Remembering Rome wasn’t built in a day,
Then planned to have a browse,
On Amazon and ‘E-Bay’.
But she clicked on the wrong Toolbar,
You should have heard her scream,
With joy this time, on noticing,
Her document on the screen.
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Betty's Tablet

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