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Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God … Hebrews 13: 16
Betty’s Pedicure
With summer now approaching,
Betty stared down at her feet,
Eager to wear sandals,
But her toes were not so neat.
Kept hidden through the winter,
They’d barely got a mention,
No longer concealed by boots,
They needed some attention.
Arriving at the salon,
She sank her tootsies in the spa,
Inhaling aromatic oils,
Expressed a loud contented ‘Ahhh ..’
The beautician worked skillfully,
Chatting with a smile,
So dexterous in her handling,
Of clippers, scissors and file.
Betty had to choose a colour,
From a basket full of varnish,
Whilst her treatment continued,
Removing blemishes and tarnish.
Betty asked for her opinion,
Of different shades of Rose,
All would match her sandals,
A multi-coloured set of toes.
Betty was feeling bold,
To start a brand new trend,
Inspired by her image,
She bought a voucher for her friend.
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Betty's Pedicure

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