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Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you … so glorify God in your body … Corinthians 6: 19-20
Betty’s Hair-Do
Betty fancied a ‘Hair-Do’,
perhaps a brand new style,
Though felt a bit unsure,
having left it such a while.
She bought a magazine,
and flicked through many pages,
Both thoughtful and excited,
she must have sat there ages.
With encouragement from friends,
she booked a Rendezvous,
At a trendy little salon,
recommended by a few.
Following colour and condition,
scissors set to taper,
Betty also aired some secrets,
she’d never put to paper.
On finishing the final touches,
her friend burst through the door,
“Betty you look beautiful,
like I haven’t seen before”.
Betty remembered that moment,
as she got up from the chair,
The importance of treating herself -
had just started … with her hair.
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Betty's Hair-do

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